General Terms & Conditions

The Client and Menorca Azul Chárter SL with NIF B44952547 agree on the rental with skipper of the boat hired for the service: Boat trip along the coast of Menorca.

For any extension or variation of the timetable it will be necessary to consult and agree with the lessor.

The rental contract shall not be considered terminated until the boat has been returned to the lessor's staff, who must be duly identified.

The price includes 1) civil liability and occupant's insurance, 2) the skipper, 3) VAT, 4) fuel, 5) snorkelling equipment and 6) snacks and drinks.

However, the price does not include the camera. If the hirer wishes to use the camera, this must be agreed separately to this contract.

The hirer shall pay by any of the following means:

1)Bank transfer.

2) Cash payment.

3)Payment by credit card.

Reservation. - The lessor gives the lessee an amount as a reservation. This amount will be deducted from the final rental price.

Documentation. - The lessee must send to the lessor the complete list of the crew that will be on board the boat, at the moment the lessee returns to the lessor the present contract signed in all its sheets.

Adverse weather conditions. - Adverse weather factors, unless the lessor considers that such factors seriously compromise the safety of the crew, will not represent a determining reason for the termination of the contract and refund of the amount of the same, the parties will agree on a new day if possible.

However, in the event that a change of day is not possible, and the weather conditions compromise the safety of the crew, the lessor shall refund the amounts paid by the lessee.

Returns and refunds. - In the case of refund or reimbursement of amounts paid by the client, these will be reimbursed by the same means of payment used by the client.

Security and protection of buyers. - The Menorca Azul Chárter website and links comply with SLL protocols, using payment gateways with the 3DSecure system, redirecting data to secure servers without Menorca Azul Chárter being able to access or store them.

Secure. - The boat Glops and its crew are insured by the insurance company FIATC.

The boat Peó Marí and its crew are insured by the insurance company Mapfre, which covers the following: A) Civil liability of the boat, all risks.

B) Occupants insurance with maximum coverage per person: 1) accidental death up to a maximum of 36.065,00 EUR, 2) permanent disability up to a maximum of 42.075,00 EUR, 3) health expenses, included according to Royal Decree 1575/1989.

However, the lessor shall in no case be liable for personal injury and/or damage to the crew or third parties, as well as material damage of any kind to the boat itself or to the boats and/or naval artefacts of third parties, which may occur as a result of accidents occurring in connection with 1) diving, 2) swimming, and 3) any activity such as "paddle surfing", etc. as well as any other activity which has not been expressly contracted by the lessee with the lessor.

Skipper of the boat. - The lessor will provide a skipper, being in possession of the knowledge, experience and qualifications required for navigation. The leased vessel may be steered solely and exclusively by the designated skipper.

Use of the boat. - The lessee shall use the rented boat exclusively for recreational or pleasure purposes, any other use being strictly prohibited.

It is strictly forbidden to sublet or transfer the rented boat.

The lessee undertakes not to transport more people on the boat than the authorised number of seats.

The lessee undertakes to follow the guidelines for maritime safety and protection of the marine environment suggested by the skipper of the boat.

On board it is not permitted to cook, transport animals or throw any kind of object into the sea.

The rented vessel may only sail at sea up to the maximum distance indicated in the navigability certificate of the vessel in force.

Under no circumstances may the vessel sail outside the limits established for the skipper steering the vessel, in accordance with his or her nautical qualifications, or those established by current legislation.

Any extension to the aforementioned sailing limits shall require written authorisation.

Cancellation of the contract. - Once the reservation has been made, the lessee shall be obliged to pay the agreed price, even in the event that, for any reason, he/she is unable or refuses to carry out the planned voyage. All of the above, except in the following cases:

In the event of cancellation by the client, the cost of cancellation will be 0% if it is made 72 or more hours in advance; 25% if it is made between 72 and 48 hours in advance; 50% if it is made between 48 and 24 hours in advance and 100% if it is made less than 24 hours in advance.

In the event that it is the company that is more than two hours late in carrying out the charter, the lessee will be refunded the full amount of the rental, in the event of not being able to provide the lessee with a boat equal to the one rented.

Breaches and responsibilities. - The lessee and the members of the crew designated by the lessee shall be liable for the liabilities that may be incurred due to non-fulfilment of the present contract.

The lessor shall be liable for the actions and responsibilities incurred by the skipper of the boat.

In the event of negligence, mistreatment of the boat, breach of the law or of any of the clauses of this contract, the lessor shall have the right to terminate the contract instantly, and the amounts paid shall remain in favour of the lessor as compensation.

Express submission. -. The parties agree that any controversy or claim arising out of or in connection with this contract or the performance hereof shall be submitted to and settled by the Courts and Tribunals of the Island of Menorca, Balearic Islands (Spain).

Costs. - All expenses of any kind, without any exclusion whatsoever, which may arise or be incurred as a consequence of the voyage planned by the lessee, shall be for the exclusive account of the latter.

Clauses contrary to mandatory regulations. - In the event that any of the preceding stipulations should be totally or partially contrary to mandatory regulations, said stipulation and/or stipulations shall be deemed not to have been put into effect, and the rest of the stipulations of the contract shall remain in full force and effect.

In the case of shared excursions, there must be a minimum of four people.

Shared excursions. - In the case of shared excursions we help to create a group, and once created, if any person does not want to belong to it, the amount paid will be refunded. The members of the group will have to agree that the contract will be in the name of one person, and if they do not accept this condition, the amount paid will also be refunded.

These general conditions are exclusively for contracts involving the Glops and Peó Marí boats, the rest of the boats offered on this website will be governed by the general contracting conditions of their respective owners.